Marriage Ceremony

A marriage ceremony is all about celebrating love, bringing two awesome people together, and having a blast while doing it! As your marriage celebrant, I’m here to make your big day super special. Whether you want a laid-back beach wedding, a quirky themed ceremony, or a traditional affair, I’ve got your back. Let’s create a ceremony that’s uniquely YOU, filled with love, laughter, and all the good vibes. Together, we’ll make your wedding day the epic party you’ve always dreamed of. Cheers to love and unforgettable moments!

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Get ready to take your wedding reception to the next level of fun and excitement!
Don’t settle for just any MC – a professional Master of Ceremonies can create the perfect atmosphere for your celebration. Gone are the days of enlisting a friend or family member to be your MC. By hiring a professional, you and your guests can kick back, relax, and truly enjoy the night. No worries, no stress – just pure celebration!

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Vowel Renewal

A vowel renewal is a beautiful celebration of enduring love, a chance to rekindle the romance that brought you together. As a marriage celebrant, I specialise in crafting heartfelt vow renewal ceremonies that capture the essence of your journey together. Whether it’s been 5, 10, or 50 years, let’s create a meaningful and personalised ceremony that reflects your unique story. It’s a chance to reaffirm your commitment, surrounded by loved ones, and create new memories to cherish. Let’s make your vow renewal a heartfelt, unforgettable moment in your continuing love story.

Commitment Ceremony

Ready to take the plunge, without the legal fuss? A commitment ceremony is your chance to celebrate love, your way! I’m your go-to marriage celebrant for unique and fun commitment ceremonies that pack a punch of personality. Whether you’re defying tradition or simily want to throw a big love party, let’s make it a memorable bash. We’ll customise every detail to fit your style and values, ensuring your commitment shines through your laughter, love and maybe even a little confetti! Let’s get this party started, your love deserves a celebration!


Elopements are a beautifully intimate way for couples to exchange vows in a secluded and meaningful setting. Whether it’s one of the Whitsunday’s iconic beaches or a hidden garden, I’m here to help you create a magical and memorable elopement experience that celebrates your love in the most romantic way possible.

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